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360VR - Virtual Reality Videos

360VR videos are a visually immersive medium for many applications. They can showcase your facility, train personnel, and interest prospective customers or employees to your business. Everyone can view them online, on mobile and on visors such as the Oculus GO. Contact us for a conversation and a demo of this exciting technology. *360VR videos play best using the Chrome browser. **Click HERE to view it with the YouTube app on your mobile device.

Product Marketing & Training

PARSONS: 70 Interviews, 10 Days, 1 Happy Client

Parsons commissioned EPC to interview 70 of its employees and clients to create 24 modules to serve as speaker support for its 2016 leadership conference. While the content is company confidential, we thought a quick "flip-book" video of most of the interview subjects would provide a fun glimpse into this unique commission.




In an industrial setting where forklifts and pedestrians occupy the same space, safety needs to be job one. This quick traffic safety tour makes sure everyone is on the same page.





ARKRAY: Glucocard Shine Demo

Keeping track of blood sugar levels couldn't be easier than this. This product use instructional video for the GLUCOCARD® Shine blood glucose monitoring system was released in English and Spanish.



The industrial safety message takes on a new level of importance when told by those who barely survive. Hear what it's like to be crushed by 5 tons of frozen butter.



VALENT: Valent Takes you Further

Valent continues to refine and improve on its custom air-handling offerings. Here they pay homage to Henry Ford, the founder of modern manufacturing in this first in a five-part video series for their reps. Created by the Valent marketing team and executed by EPC.


VALENT: Green Screen Guys

EPC developed a unique persona for two Valent executives to help them bring their product/message to their reps in a wacky, fun and memorable way. Think “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and you’re halfway there. Have a look at this final module of their 13­ part series.


INNOVENT: Timelapse Study

Innovent Air-Handling Equipment builds large, custom-designed HVAC systems for various industries. We compressed a three-week fabrication process into three-minutes with this highlight video. Have a look.



STARKEY U: Testimonials

Starkey is a Minnesota-based hearing aid company with an international reach. EPC creates video media for them across several divisions. Starkey U is an effective and immersive short-course event for new audiologists to learn how they can plug into a truly innovative industry leader. These testimonial subjects enthusiastically agree.


MINNESOTA OPERA: Romeo and Juliet

The Minnesota Opera wanted to promote its "Romeo and Juliet" production through the perspective of the chorus. According to Eric Broker, communications manager for the Minnesota Opera, the result exceeded their expectations. 

"The Romeo & Juliet Fund-A-Need video on the Minnesota Opera Chorus and the Romeo & Juliet Preview video that EPC created for us were extremely well-crafted and effective. The Fund-A-Need video helped us to raise over $450,000 at our 2016 Gala. Specifically, the amount of money donated to the Fund-A-Need cause, the Minnesota Opera Chorus, increased 22% over the previous year. The Preview video gave audiences an inside sneak-peak of our season opening run of Gounod's Romeo & Juliet, and helped to give us our strongest week of ticket sales for the show. at 23,000 views, the piece is Minnesota Opera's most viewed video of all time."


EBENEZER: Feels Like Home

Ebenezer, part of Fairview Health Systems, manages assisted living facilities for seniors. EPC was asked to produce this video. We based it on an original music track that we produced with lyrics provided by our client.



PARSONS: Overview

Parsons Corporation is an engineering, construction, technical and management services firm. They asked us to produce this identity piece for them.



Chu Vision Institute is a Nationally recognized eye surgery leader. They were conducting a rebranding effort and asked us to help them create some informational videos for their website.



As part of the Chu Vision Institute rebranding effort, we also shot and edited a series of patient testimonials.


MOSER HOMES: Attention to Detail and Dreams

Moser Homes is a high-end custom home builder in the Twin Cities. We followed their construction process from the first meeting with the future home owners to handing them the key to their finished home. PLEASE PLAY IN SMALL FORMAT AS THIS IS A STANDARD DEFINITION VIDEO.




EPC worked closely with producing company White Wolf Entertainment to create four seasons (over 100 episodes) of the hit series MonsterQuest for History. Here is a compilation of clips that illustrates the wide variety of subjects and locations this show/series provided us and our audience. What a wild ride!


SAINT PAUL CATHEDRAL: A Crowning Achievement

Over 10 years ago, McGough asked us to "put up a couple web-cams" to document their restoration work on the Saint Paul Cathedral. That request grew to a cutting-edge website with video modules and eventually an hour-long documentary that was a TPT hit for multiple seasons. Enjoy this excerpt of one of our top-five career projects. Click here for full version PLEASE PLAY IN SMALL FORMAT AS THIS IS A STANDARD DEFINITION VIDEO.


NDSC: More Alike Than Different

The National Down Syndrome Congress was conducting an ad and web campaign to raise Down syndrome awareness through our colleagues at egDesign. We produced this video as part of the campaign. PLEASE PLAY IN SMALL FORMAT AS THIS IS A STANDARD DEFINITION VIDEO.


Video Instant/Run-N-Gun

STARKEY HEARING FOUNDATION: Kentucky Mission Highlights

We can hop on a plane with a complete camera and editing package and turn videos on a dime for your next event. We excel at projects where fast turn-around is paramount. Keith Beise of The Starkey Hearing Foundation Agrees:

“Electric Picture Company was incredible at providing same-day turnaround of video content, within hours of our event happening. This was pivotal to not only be able to provide media outlets with B-roll video clips to support our news release the day after our event, but also to quickly tell the story across Starkey Hearing Foundation’s social media platforms. The ability to have one source to travel, shoot, edit and deliver video was critical to successfully telling our story.”


STARKEY U: Event Highlights

With social media, timing is everything. EPC created this video to convey the energy and excitement of the Starkey U event while the event was still underway so participants could share it on their social media networks.