Testimonial: Andy Wilcox

An EPC time-lapse study was just the ticket for Innovent to showcase their custom fabricated air handling equipment. Hear what Andy Wilcox has to say about EPC.

Testimonial: David Pflum

David Pflum has some good things to say about EPC. The surprise ending made for a good story.                                                                      


Case Study: Unison™ Comfort Technologies


The commercial HVAC businesses of Unison™ Comfort Technologies wanted to build awareness of capabilities to provide customized units for demanding applications, and to showcase the quality and delivery speed a new HVAC coil manufacturing plant enabled. There was interest in using social media, but also some skepticism how reps and consulting engineers would respond to technical marketing content in these mediums.


Two short videos that are unique and entertaining, yet still convey key marketing messages.

For Innovent, the team used two time-lapse cameras which captured the building of a large custom air-handling unit. Close-up segments spotlighted key features. An intro and close by the business leader provided context.

For Precision Coils, the team used a camera equipped drone to show an aerial tour of the new plant. Various camera techniques gave motion to the conventional video. EPC framed some footage in heads-up display to add a techy/gamer flavor to the piece. The Precision Coils business leader is shown flying the drone in the intro and close.


Both treatments culminated in visually engaging YouTube videos. Due to the unique, yet authentic, content presentation, both videos enjoyed considerable viral circulation. Company websites, broadcast emails, LinkedIn, and Facebook were used to drive traffic to the videos, in addition to limited paid online marketing.

Viewership has exceeded expectations. The Innovent time-lapse had approximately 3,000 views in the first six months, and the Precision Coils aerial tour about 1,500 in two months. Audience retention for both clips is above YouTube averages. Both videos have had significantly more viral effect than the companies’ more traditional, corporate-style videos.

Although primarily intended for marketing, Innovent and Precision Coils associates valued the clips as ways to share their work with their families in a fun and positive way. Feedback from reps and customers has been very favorable with sales personnel noting the videos had influenced the sales process for key projects. These are comments from reps indicating how they passed the YouTube link along:

"The time-lapse video is very nicely done. We will forward this to all of the consulting engineers in our territory."

"I love it! I plan to send it to every engineer, contractor and end user that we have in our database."

Marketing Manager Randy Amborn: "I don't see why any type of manufacturing business which seeks to affordably build awareness would not reap big benefits from including a social media video like this in their marketing mix."