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Lean Construction has the power to transform the construction industry. If you've started on your Lean journey, or are planning to soon, congratulations! We’d like to help you on your way.

Embracing Lean as a company is a huge step. It isn't just a set of tools and rules. Lean is a culture shift, a way of thinking, planning, acting and interacting that is unfamiliar to the construction industry. Compounding this challenge is a whole new vocabulary, the language of Lean Construction. Getting your employees comfortable with the concepts of Lean is the place to start.


In 2014, Parsons Electric began their transformation to a Lean culture. Eliminating waste. Committing to continuous improvement. Delivering exceptional value. They’ve gotten very, very good at Lean. So good, in fact, that even when Parsons is the only project partner “doing Lean”, GCs and other subs can often be found huddled around Parsons’ on-site planning boards. GCs recognize Parsons planning strength and have even used it as a guide for non-electric tasks. Parsons recognized that developing Lean leaders was critical to sustaining their Lean culture. They knew they needed a consistent way to deliver their Lean message. That’s when they called us.


EPC was engaged by Parsons Electric to create an employee training video on Lean Construction. We started with client meetings, which, honestly, left us a bit bewildered. “What exactly is pull planning? What’s getting pulled? Who’s doing the pulling?” We searched the web for videos about Lean Construction. “How are other companies talking about Lean, teaching Lean?” What we found had us scratching our heads… again. “Is the gemba in the value stream? Or is the value stream in the gemba?” Lean was being talked about and taught by people who knew Lean, knew the terminology, knew the process… but didn't know how to make it digestible for the first-timer. You had to know Lean to understand what they were saying. So we studied. We asked questions. We bought and read books. We asked more questions. We planned. We wrote. We checked. We adjusted. And we realized that one training video wasn't going to cut it. So we created six:

1. Understanding Lean Construction: What, Why, Who, When

2. Recognizing Waste

3. 5S

4. Last Planner System

5. Continuous Improvement

6. Going Forward

Each video is designed to begin a training session facilitated by a live trainer. Each video lays the foundation for a deeper look at each Lean topic.

When we had finished shooting, we had so much great content that we created another 35 short breakout videos. These one- and two-minute videos bring the Lean knowledge and experience of the Parsons team into every training session.

If your Lean journey is just beginning and you need meaningful training tools to start your team on the path, we’d be honored to be your partner. If your company is already on the road to Lean, your new hires will need training to join you on the journey. We’d like to be your partner, too.

Learning never ends. When it comes to Lean Construction, our learning is well underway.



We'd like to thank Parsons Electric for allowing us to share a small portion of their LeanReady marketing and training libraries.

We're Parsons. LeanReady for you.

Part 1 Training: Understanding Lean

Training Breakout: Jobsite Improvements

Training Breakout: Plasma Cutter

Part 5 Training: Continuous Improvement

Training Breakout: Making a Process Lean

Training Breakout: Constraint Logs - Part 1

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