Will you need to hire skilled labor in 2019?

Is your labor pool changing?

Do you have a plan to find and attract diverse workers?

The Hiring Landscape Has Changed

The Minnesota labor shortage, shifting workforce demographics, our evolving culture, and our ever-changing media technology have all converged to recast labor recruitment. Labor Day Project addresses these factors with a combination of grass-roots research, employee modeling, engaging immersive technology and targeted social media.

Labor Day Project Can Help

Labor Day Project offers employers a recruitment tool that is prospect-centered, culturally aware and socially driven. We work to help you start the employment conversation with diverse candidates. What makes us different is our process that puts prospects first.

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Our Method

Learn: Putting prospects first means learning all we can about them, especially how they communicate, how they garner employment information, and what they believe are their obstacles or barriers to employment.  We want to meet their influencers and enlist their support. Frank discussions will lead to new understanding.

Create: Through video interviews, your employees from these diverse cultures relate their pride, their job satisfaction and how they have overcome perceived or actual obstacles to enjoy a fulfilling work life. We create multiple, short interview videos from a single filming session, each focusing on a different aspect of overcoming obstacles and achieving job success. And, we use immersive 360VR video technology to engage and hold your prospects' attention.

Deploy: Social media analytics enable the targeting of our multi-video campaign to the prospects’ social media accounts. And social media sharing of our immersive content multiplies our reach and impact. Our experts will help you deploy this new content effectively on your existing social media platforms.

What’s different?

Our focus is on the success of your diverse employees in overcoming the same obstacles your prospects may see before them. Potential racial, gender or ethnic biases, scars of military service, lack of transportation or childcare… these and many other realities can play a role in one’s self image, impacting confidence levels and creating self-doubt about their ability to land and keep a good job... a job that could turn into a great career. Labor Day Project helps start the conversation with your prospects about those employment obstacles.

Muscian and educator Ellis Richardson joins us on Labor Day Project as a V-Logger,

We would like to meet with you to discuss:

  • How Labor Day Project can help your prospects learn about your business before applying.

  • How Labor Day Project's immersive 360VR (virtual reality) videos will help you stand apart from your competition.

  • Why 360VR is popular because of the many viewing platforms available.

  • How immersive content can provide additional value at career fairs and new hire orientations.

Reach out and Tom, our director of engagement, will get back with you shortly.

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