Here is a mock-up page for Mortenson senior management review

The TLDP Machine

(possible expansion of section D in proposal or stand-alone explainer video)

  1. Mixed marketing campaign directs traffic to TLDP media hub. This is a stand-alone microsite skinned with Mortenson branding.

  2. User enters e-mail address and as much other basic information as they are comfortable with.

  3. User views as many 360VR videos as they like based on their interests.

  4. User makes decision to ask for more career opportunity information or to have someone at Mortenson contact them.

  5. TLDP packages user input and delivers "warm leads" to Mortenson HR for followup.

Every TLDP engagement begins with research.

In this case, we went to the street.

TLDP is an immersive experience. The information you receive will be as comprehensive as the 360VR videos you receive it on.

Here are 360VR samples.

(I am having issues playing 360 embeds with the phone's gyroscope feature on this site. Above and below are YouTube embeds)

(This is a Vimeo embed. I like how Vimeo allow arrow scrolling around the 360VR video. Youtube does not support this.)

Click on the link for a short introduction to TLDP: 

In case you want the whole story about TLDP,

click on this informative Keynote presentation.