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The Labor Day Project process...

How it works: (all copy is first-blush)

  • We learn about your company and understand your mission, your culture, your current workforce and your desired future workforce.

  • We create a personalized HR series like we did for Parsons and put it to work on your company website and on your social media channels. The series includes one overview video representing a cross-section of your workforce and four to six employee profiles.

  • One of our team of diversity consultants helps you develop new HR strategies that not only recruit new workers but also retain them.

  • Now that we are familiar with your culture and workforce, one or more of our 360VR navigators interview a selection of you key employees.

  • The 360VR video series is targeted at key demographic groups you hope to attract using our social media marketing strategy.

Here is what an hr overview video looks like:

Here is what an employee profile video looks like:

Meet Ellis, our first VR Navigator. Ellis is an educator and a musician.

Ellis dialogs with SaraFaye, a certified 3D printer.



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