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$400 gets you a professional video!

You want video for your social media page, website or email campaign, but the going rate for professionally created video is prohibitive. Conversely, cheap video usually looks cheaper than it costs. We think we have the answer to delivering Good, Fast, and Cheap! 

We call it... STUDIO G.

For three consecutive days every month, we set aside the Electric Picture Company studio for affordable, professional talking-head video shoots. You buy as many 30 minute time blocks as you think you’ll need to record your message. And yes, it is in a garage. Heated. Air conditioned. Sound-treated. Green walled.

With a little blind dog named Lenny.

Here is a short sample of the image quality you can expect at Studio G

What's included with Studio G?

  • One hour of script consultation via phone and email with an experienced writer/director. The same director who will be with you when you record.

  • Your message(s) totalling two minutes recorded in front of a studio greenscreen. 2-1:00 videos, 4-:30 videos, 1-2:00
    video... you get the idea.

  • You are reading from a teleprompter. No cue cards, no memorization!

  • Professional lighting that makes you look your best.

  • A director who knows how to make you comfortable, and will make your message and delivery his only focus for 30 minutes.

  • Background images or footage supplied by you. Or, we can source that for an extra charge.

  • Simple titles that identify the speaker.

  • Your logo at beginning and/or end, with contact info.

  • Contemporary stock production music that compliments and supports your message and tone.

  • Professionally edited and uploaded to you directly via internet transfer so you can download it and post to any and all of your social platforms.

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