the small crew advantage

A unique value proposition for your next interview-driven or scripted project

Small crew studio shoot

Small crew studio shoot

Our small crew advantage affords a better and more cost-effective end product

Electric Picture Company has a combined video production and post-production skill-set that brings new value to small-crew production.

Parsons commissioned EPC to interview 70 of its employees and clients and create 24 modules to serve as speaker support for its leadership conference. While the content is company confidential, we thought a quick “flip-book” video of most of the interview subjects would provide a fun glimpse into this unique commission.

Our points of difference

  1. We start early in the project design phase, understanding and often helping to develop client goals for the project. This allows us to “ask the right questions” that elicit high-quality, meaningful answers that drive your project objectives.

  2. Having a crew consisting of a director who interviews and a shooter who edits brings unique value to each project. We keep your story in mind.

  3. We are experienced producers. This ensures that logistics will be smooth and costs will be controlled. Additionally, we each have contact with A-list personnel in the Twin Cities metro area to scale-up if the project dictates.

  4. When on location, our set-ups go fast. We have done this hundreds of times and know our way around every creative challenge that each unique location presents.

  5. We also have experience in working with location personnel if your project takes us out of town and extra crew is needed.

  6. We own a diverse and flexible range of up-to-date HD and 4k equipment. All gear is flight-ready for out of town projects (see detail below)


Equipment options available:

(included in day-rate)

  • Canon and Sony HD/4K cameras.

  • Three additional special format cameras for time-lapse and 360VR video

  • LED lighting instruments (Daylight/Tungsten tunable)

  • Stereo and monaural microphones

  • HD monitors

  • External recorder with 10-bit 4:2:2 recording capability

  • Teleprompter (requires one additional personnel)

  • All gear is flight-ready for out of town projects


Interested in 360VR video?

We now offer a turn-key workflow for shooting, editing and posting (on YouTube or Vimeo) 360VR video clips. This is a great way to differentiate your company while increasing views and time on site. Here is a recent comment from a 360VR viewer: "I watched your video five times and saw something different each time!"

What about closed-captioning?

Closed captioning is required on certain Internet videos due to FCC and ADA regulations. There are also two key advantages to captioning your programs.

1. Search engines look for them so your search rank will improve by including them.

2. Viewers will be more inclined to watch your programs in public or noisy environments because they can view them with the sound off.

EPC offers very reasonable and highly accurate closed captioning services for your past and future projects.


We’re always interested in developing new client relationships.

Please call Dan to start a conversation: 651-402-4722

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