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professional videos are within reach!

You want video for your social media page, website or email campaign, but the going rate for professionally created video is prohibitive. Conversely, cheap video usually looks cheaper than it costs. We think we have the answer to delivering Good, Fast, and Cost-effective

We call it... STUDIO G.

Electric Picture Company offers affordable, professional talking-head video shoots. Your company can purchase half-day or full-day shoot/edit packages to record your marketing and communications messages. Our studio is very accessible to Minneapolis and St. Paul via a 14 minute drive from either city.

Here is a short sample of the quality you can expect from a Studio G shoot/edit package.

What's included with Studio G?

• You and your colleagues read from a teleprompter. No cue cards and no memorization!

• Professional lighting will makes you look your best.

• Direction assistance that will help deliver your message comfortably and naturally.

• Background images or footage supplied by you.

• Professionally edited and uploaded to you directly via internet transfer so you can download it and post to any and all of your social platforms.


• We can work with you to develop a background for your videos if you would like some help with that.

• Simple titles that identify the speaker.

• Your logo at beginning and/or end, with contact info.

• Contemporary stock production music that compliments and supports your message and tone.

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