Redefining the Two-person Video Crew


A unique value proposition for your next interview-driven or scripted project

 Small crew studio shoot

Small crew studio shoot

OUR non-traditional approach to a two-person crew offers clients a better end-product

Dan Nyberg, principal of EPC and Dave Zdon, principal of ilexFilmWorks have a combined video production and post-production skill-set that brings new value to the traditional two-person crew.

Dan: Director of Photography, Editor, Audio, Producer
Dave: Director, Interviewer, Lighting director/Gaffer, Producer

our points of difference

  1. We start early in the project design phase, understanding and often helping to develop client goals for the project. This allows us to “ask the right questions” that elicit high-quality, meaningful answers that drive your project objectives.

  2. Having a crew consisting of a director who interviews and a shooter who edits brings unique value to each project. We keep your story in mind.

  3. We are both experienced producers. This ensures that logistics will be smooth and costs will be controlled. Additionally, we each have contact with A-list personnel in the Twin Cities metro area to scale-up if the project dictates.

  4. When on location, our set-ups go fast. We have done this hundreds of times and know our way around every creative challenge that each unique location presents.

  5. We also have experience in working with location personnel if your project takes us out of town and extra crew is needed.

  6. We own a diverse and flexible range of up-to-date HD equipment. All gear is flight-ready for out of town projects (see detail below)


Equipment options available:

(included in day-rate)

  • Canon and Sony HD/4K cameras.

  • Three additional special format cameras for time-lapse and unique angle shots

  • LED lighting instruments (Daylight/Tungsten tunable)

  • Stereo and monaural microphones

  • HD monitors

  • External recorder with 10-bit 4:2:2 recording capability

  • Teleprompter (requires one additional personnel)

  • All gear is flight-ready for out of town projects

 Video production crew - circa 1970

Video production crew - circa 1970


Why Rethink the Typical Two-Person Video Crew? 

Since the late 1970s, when video cameras became portable, personnel in a two-person video crew have been the camera operator and video engineer/sound technician. Recording good audio and video signals were the primary concern, and rightly so. The equipment was primitive by today’s standards and required the constant attention of skilled technicians.

Continuing improvements in technology have made it possible for us to redefine what we offer our clients. We focus on the quality of your message, not just the quality of picture and sound.


We are always interested in developing new client relationships. Call us to learn about our special offer!

      Dan: 651-402-4722        Dave: 612-554-3297